KVC Direct Maker Ice Cream Machine

  1. 1 Year Manufacturer warranty
  2. Intelligent control — Equipped with upscale and charming LCD screen,Intuitively display the working condition.
  3. Large production capacity–Continuous production is guaranteed even during peak hours.
  4. Silent operation—Class- one shock resistance, Quality components minimiz E operating noise.
  5. Pasteurization system–Cleaning once per 15days which substantially reduced the operating costs.
  6. Stable and reliable refrigeration system–High efficiency and low energy consumption
  7. Ultrafast cooling, high yield(up to 248 servings per hour).–Famous brand compressor provides a strong impetus to the rapid cooling, accelerate the cooling time to improve work efficiency greatly.
  8. Detachable tray– to pRevent ice cream from dripping, easy to clean.
  9. Great Compressor of Famous Brand –Our products equipped with compressor of world-famous brand Embraco, ensures stable and reliable refrigerating system, large production and low consumption.
  10. Eliminate Smoothies Function–Even in the non-production time, no smoothies on your product assured.
  11. Defrost system–Possibility to heat the cylinders to simplify the cleaning procedure, featuring one-click cleaning function and material shortage alarm function.(Mix-low alert).
  12. Safe and durable–Our ice cream making machine is constructed with food-grade stainless steel which enables high durability.
  13. Technology smart counter– the counter device is able to automatically count the number of ice cream through which one day earning is easy to calculate.
  14. Premium quality–Adopted pure copper tube condenser, full copper tube to enhance the efficiency of hot and cold conversion, ensure excellent heat dissipation.

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