All our top quality waffle machines are available to you

Our bespoke Waffle Baking Irons are supplied free on loan. They are purpose built for commercial use with a proven track record for reliability. If required we will repair the machines free of charge or replace so you are never unable to provide waffles to your customers.

We require a fully refundable holding deposit and a signed loan agreement for the Baking Irons. For each Iron loaned we require a minimum purchase order depending on the size of your establishment. Only KVC’s Premium one step should be used in the machines.

How many waffles would you want to sell per month?
1,200 Waffles
How much would you charge per waffle?

We can see you’ve chosen less than 240 waffles per month.
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Annual turnover of
£ 115,200
Annual profit of
£ 109,152*Based on large round waffles made with Complete waffle mix and Whirl butter substitute
You'll need
5 Box Bundles
per month

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