The Waffle Programme

Introducing The Waffle Programme to your establishment could not be simpler…

If required KVC will come to a location convenient to you and give a FREE demonstration – or – You can visit us at our London Showroom.

We can bring all the products you require to a demo so you can be set up to introduce the Waffle Programme to your service almost immediately.

How it works

Our bespoke Waffle Baking Irons are supplied free on loan. They are purpose built for commercial use with a proven track record for reliability. If required we will repair the machines free of charge or replace so you are never unable to provide waffles to your customers.

We require a fully refundable holding deposit and a signed loan agreement for the Baking Irons. For each Iron loaned we require a minimum purchase order depending on the size of your establishment. Only KVC’s Premium one step should be used in the machines.

All timers and temperatures are pre-set on our machines to accomodate our waffle mix. Preparation of all our mix’s weather for Waffles, Pancakes or Crepes is prepared in such a way to make it as effortless as possible for your own preparation. Please go to our Product link for full details on all products and mix’s.

Waffle Dispenser


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