Waffles have been around for hundreds of years, possibly since the 13th century and have been a favorite food around the whole world. Americans and Europeans have taken the idea to new heights having developed concepts of having waffles as a novelty breakfast, decadent masterpieces, culturally eaten at particular occasions and an evolution over time. Learning about the history of waffles, you will earn a fine appreciation of this treat and enjoy the divine taste even more so.

Waffles originated with the characteristic honeycomb pattern appearing in the 1200’s when a craftsman designed and forged cooking irons. Original irons featured a hinged design. The batter was poured in, pressed together, and cooked over an open hearth fire. Waffles, the name itself comes from the old French word, gaufre, translated to Old English wafla, this is the first denoted term of the word in historical context.

In Europe, waffles became a street concept, being sold by vendors. By the 16th Century, all of society understood the means of waffles due to its popularity and incorporated it within a part of their lives. Those not able to afford the high street waffles made them using flour and water and as a result they resemble a thick biscuit cake. However, the more affluent and privileged classes add eggs, milk, and honey which create a tasty, delicate treat.

Waffles are now a staple part of various cultures, namely soul food in America and thanksgiving. In Europe, particularly in Belgium they have gained popularity as a sweet and savoury treat.

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